Intro something or other

I’m not that fond of writing introductions, and part of me wonders if many others feel the same. I usually write them close to last, after I’ve reflected on or analyzed the information or data collected, allowing it to inform me on the story it’s telling me. That’s when I write the introduction. However, as this is the first post I obviously can’t go about it that way.

Who am I and what am I doing here? Well, who I am: in brief, I’m someone who recently completed her PhD in a scientific field, who is just beginning a postdoctoral position doing research in science education, just moved a couple thousand miles to do so, and is trying to make sense of it all. Some might call me an academic… Well, no, most would call me an academic given the definition of who that is, but I use the term loosely (for reasons I am sure I will divulge later). I’m a scientist, but not your typical scientist for many reasons – my strong interest in education for one, and the fact that you’ll more often find me reading queer women of color feminist and social justice literature than science literature.

What I’m doing here on this blog: a number of things, all of which I couldn’t list here as it will develop over time. But, loosely, the idea is for this to be a place for me to reflect on the things I’m encountering switching from the field of science to that of education, a place for me to reflect on these things critically from a personal and social perspective, to muse about what it’s like to be a black woman queer academic in science, (science) education, academia, and what that means for my life in general. And many random interjections. Like Harry Potter and my deep respect for Hermione Granger, for example.

Alright, brief intro done.


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